What Is a Science Fair?

What Is a Science Fair?

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A science fair is an event where people, usually students, present the results of their scientific investigations. Science fairs often are competitions, though they may be ​informational presentations, depending on the topic. Most science fairs take place at the elementary and secondary educational levels, though other age and educational levels may be involved.

Origins of Science Fairs in the United States

Science fairs are held in many countries. In the United States, science fairs trace their beginning back to E.W. Scripps' Science Service, which was founded in 1921. The Science Service was a nonprofit organization that sought to increase awareness and interest in science by explaining scientific concepts in nontechnical terms. The Science Service published a weekly bulletin, which ultimately became a weekly news magazine. In 1941, sponsored by Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company, the Science Service helped to organize Science Clubs of America, a national science club which held its first national science fair in Philadelphia in 1950.

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