History of Dover, Delaware

History of Dover, Delaware

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Dover, the county seat of Kent County, is situated on St. Jones Creek about 40 miles south of Wilmington.Founded in 1717, it has been the capital of Delaware since 1777.The city is laid out around The Green, a tree-shaded square surrounded by colonial buildings. The Delaware State Capitol is the second oldest in active use in the United States.Bayhealth Medical Center formed when Kent General Hospital, founded in 1927, and Milford Memorial Hospital, founded in 1938, merged in January 1997. Wesley College, which opened as a preparatory school in 1873, has along standing relationship with the United Methodist Church. Delaware State University was known as the State College for Negroes when it was established in 1891. Board of Education, Delaware courts ruled in 1951 that the state's "separate but equal" approach to higher education had resulted in markedly inferior facilities for blacks and was illegal.Dover has a wealth of museums. The Delaware Agricultural Museum is located just south of the campus of Delaware State University. The Air Mobility Command Museum has many examples of American warbirds at Dover AFB.

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